Sunday, May 8, 2011


I guess my issue so to speak is with Objectivism, which doesn't match with objective reality as it happens to you and me, because I produce what I do in my downtime for peanuts, but my real nut is what I do for the state, which players hate but appreciate I deliver a service and give a hundred percent and reap benefits which are because of my union, because collectivism is a recognition of the limited condition of the singular entity facing the reality of a combined circumstance of their mortality aligned against a million things that might kill you--that alone should thrill you to the possibilities of finding a plurality that might make you strong, a tribe to which you might as well belong, a system of others who are gonna get your back.

Now you might attack like your uniqueness has a say in how you are going to live today, and your ego might say "No way" in letting others build from what you made up, but in fact history is cumulative, much like math or science, and your defiance in rejecting the desireability of adding to the general pool of knowledge makes you a fool if you think that going Galt is the moochers' fault, blaming people who got no power for what you decide to do is busted and maybe you aren't to be trusted if you assert that, so flip back and try to undo the hurt of thinking you got what you got because you earned it if you don't give back, because then you just burned it and you are the appropriator and instigator, the looter, the moocher, the taker, the hater, like Koch brothers, then we'll fade and play you and make your dollars into Monopoly scrilla by announcing you're putting the thrilla from Wassilla out in the TeaParties or backing Beck--and people with self-respect, will recognize with refreshed eyes that you're stupid. So your dollars won't spend--just pretend, buying up blocks of nothing like Scott Walker or any Fox News Talker.

So I'm saying, recognize the game that the "earners" are playing with clean fingernails and manicured toes and the media flips fresh hoes that congratulate them for doing it to you for free, and wouldn't you at least agree they should pay for that privilege? Or else acknowledge that no man is an island or ever was, and all the civilization that we have is because, we collectivized, we organized, we recognized and we made a prize of understanding one another's human condition--it wasn't a mistake that we made tribes, cities and states, appreciate the pyramids weren't built by any "one" but like any project of mankind were begun by people who recognized things larger than themselves and perhaps all of humanity dwells as representatives of a great collectivism--see--?

There is no place for an Objectivist me--no person is an island, woolly mammoths fed ice age man by collective hands making spears at the ready, and this was greater than than any ideologue today trying to make their way by ugly buildings or fast trains to nowhere because of egos. The situation is where humanity survives, there morality flows, so you recognize your brother, the other and respect how he goes, and like you once were a baby, you recognize maybe the reality is we are all just victims of fate--and we drop the player-hate and accept multiple personalities are altogether acceptable, and all of us are bound to a better future if we want it. And those of us who have seen it might flaunt it--but we'll deal you in if you drop the sin of seeing "selfish" as the basis of reality when the human place is mutuality, empathy, consentuality and progress. And recognize mere profit an abstraction and a regress, magical thinking that doesn't make up for all the complicated things that humanity brings, but dumbs down to a points'system that anyone might reject or lend no respect to once they realize we're all our brothers' keeper.

Which isn't anything you'll find in Rand--she don't play that. And human dignity?