Thursday, July 7, 2016

Empty hand

The imagined weapon in
the empty hand weighs about
as much as all the hate
in a lifetime of separation
and wondering why they
do like that, and how
they speak that way, and how
their eyes don't show the things they would
show if
one were respected for
one's uniform, and that
is why empty hands and
weaponized wallets
are, judicially speaking,
by an unwritten book
where prey is always wrong,
and prayer is their only
And with my empty hand
I offer this argument
but the clap of my one hand
so much nothing to wave away--
the nonsense buzzing of a fly,
but the carrion is my people.
And I swipe
at this
buzz. These clear wings,
this garbage-feeding. This dropper of maggots.
To you, a gesture
of my empty hand.
I have more emptiness to give you,
but stop filling
these graves.